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Arriving by budget low cost airlines

Since June 2004 it is possible to save a lot of money thanks to the "no-frills" budget airlines. Low-cost airlines are moving rapidly to exploit the opportunities that have opened up in Krakow following the entry into the European Union.   Currently it offers regular, direct connections with 33 cities:   [...]

Arriving in Krakow

Krakow-Balice airport, also known as John Paul II International Airport is located to the west of Kraków, at a distance of 11 km from the city centre. It is a small airport with one international and one domestic terminal and its size is jokingly compared with the size of a bathroom [...]

Basic information for tourists travelling to Krakow

VISA INFORMATION   Apart from the citizens of the EU countries, citizens of the following countries are not required to be in possession of a visa when entering Poland for less than 90 days: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macao [...]

Best luxury hotels in Krakow

You'll find some of the best luxury hotels in Krakow below. Discover luxury hotel accommodation, spa hotels, golf  and award-winning hotels, where every hotel has its own distinct character and local flavour. Our fine selection of exclusive 3, 4 & 5 star hotels for weekend breaks, midweek breaks, groups, conferences, meetings [...]

Business and Education Opportunities in Krakow

Krakow, Cracow, Cracovie, Cracovia – call it what you will – is the scientific, administrative, financial and economic centre of Southern Poland. It is a city of over a hundred research and development institutions, as well as 18 univerisities, including the renowned Jagiellonian University as well as AGH University of Science [...]

Christmas and New Year's Eve in Krakow

Christmas in Krakow, as in other parts of the world, is the most celebrated time of the year. During this special period, the city offers many christmas attractions for its residents and visitors alike. Christmas MarketIn the run-up to Christmas, the Main Square features a Christmas market, where you can [...]

Expats in Krakow

There is a growing number of expats, who have chosen Krakow as their new home. Below are some useful information and addresses for foreigners who have decided to move to our city and want to make friends, feel at home and integrate with the local community. International schools in Krakow In Krakow [...]

Getting around

Princess Wanda of Polish legend threw herself to a watery death in the river Wisla. After living in Krakow for a couple of years I can well understand why. Apparently she had some problems with her boyfriend, but I suspect that her genuine reason may have been frustration caused by the [...]

Getting around Krakow

While getting around Krakow’s city centre you do not need public transport or a car, as the Old Town is very compact and you can get to most tourist sites on foot. Another good option would be taking a bike. There are a few bike rentals in the city centre and [...]

Go extreme in Krakow

Krakow is a perfect place for sightseeing and clubbing, however those who are eager to complement their stay with some extreme activities will not be disappointed. Whether you are with a couple of friends or in an organized group, Krakow is a fantastic opportunity to go extreme and boost your adrenaline [...]

Hiring a car in Krakow

There is a wide choice of local and international car rental companies in Krakow. You can easily arrange to have a hired car waiting for you when you arrive through your travel agent or local office and this is generally recommended during the high season. General Rules of Car Rental in [...]

Krakow Balice Airport - timetable, carriers, how to get there

If you fly to Poland, you will likely land at Okecie Airport (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport), the biggest and most modern Poland’s airport, which is located in the south-western part of Warsaw, 10 km of the city centre. Second busiest airport is Krakow Airport, also known as The John Paul II [...]

Krakow for kids

Krakow is famous for its beautiful architecture, historical buildings, museums and galleries. However, the city will not let the youngest visitors get bored, as it provides many possibilities to enjoy great family days out… The ZOO Location: The Wolski Woods One of the family attractions is the Krakow’s ZOO located in [...]

Krakow Nightlife and Night Clubs

You’ve spent the day wandering about museums, taking photographs of historical monuments and have sampled some of Krakow’s cuisine, so what do you do when the sun is set and night has settled? There are plenty of opportunities to explore the nightlife that can be found throughout the city.  For stag [...]

Krakow Restaurants - a places to eat in Krakow

By not only Polish standards, Krakow is an eating, drinking and partying paradise - the Old Town is tightly packed with pubs, bars and cafes, reputedly (but it seems true!) 300 of them - catering for every pocket from rock bottom to top-notch. Recently, also the Jewish district of Kazimierz has [...]

Krakow Shopping and Retail market

The retail market in Krakow began to develop in 1995. The first development of this type was completed by a local investor KrakChemia. The project combines a supermarket with a shopping mall and a household goods section being currently adapted by Castorama. Currently the shopping centre operates under the name of [...]

Krakow Travel Guide for Gays and Lesbians

Over the years, Poland has been conservative towards homosexuality, as a result of the strong Roman Catholic heritage and Communist anti-homosexual propaganda. Even today, tolerance demonstrations in the major Polish cities are not fully approved by the society. So far, the Tolerance March in Krakow has been organized four times as [...]

Largest Universities in Krakow

Krakow is a major centre of education and home to some of Poland's finest colleges and universities, attracting large amounts of students from all over Poland and abroad. Among the most notable third level institutions in Kraków are: Jagiellonian University in KrakowFounded in 1364, Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in [...]

Parking Zones in Krakow

In Krakow’s city centre there are three zones of restricted traffic and parking, where you have to pay a parking fee. In the centre of Kraków there are 3 limited traffic and parking zones. Parking in these zones requires the payment of a fee.  Paid parking zone in Kraków is valid [...]

Polish Language tips and useful phrases

Polish is the official language of Poland. It has the second largest number of speakers among Slavic languages after Russian. Polish is the main representative of the Lechitic branch of the West Slavic languages. It originated in the areas of present-day Poland from several local Western Slavic dialects, most notably those [...]

Residential market in Krakow

The latest National Census statistics show that in 2002 the entire residential stock in Krakow amounted to 275,800 units, 259,000 of which were inhabited.   Krakow is the second fastest developing residential market after Warsaw. Based on the data published by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), in the year 2004, some 4,500 dwellings [...]

Shopping in Krakow

Krakow is undoubtedly a perfect destination for tourists thanks to its fine architecture and magic ambience of the Old Town. When you stroll along enchanting cobbled streets you can feel the history and long cherished tradition of this marvelous city. Krakow, however, has its modern side, attractive for shopping fans. SOUVENIRS   If you [...]

Spa Hotels in Krakow

The term Spa is the abbreviation of the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through water”. Spa traditionally refers to a health-resort known for the beneficial influence of its waters and microclimate. Nowadays, even if you cannot go to the mountain or seaside resorts, you can still experience the therapeutic [...]

Take Care of Your Health in Krakow

When you come to Krakow for holidays or a weekend break and you happen to get a toothache or other health problems, you can visit Krakow's dental and health care centres, which offer top-quality, professional treatment. Dental Emergency (24h)Address: Augustianska 13Phone: (12) 292-33-00Dental EmergencyAddress: Mogilska 121Phone: (12) 413-04-66Dental Emergency - Pol [...]

The Cracow story and factfile

Krakow is a walkable city and everything focuses on the Market Square in the pedestrianised Old Town. With its classical old buildings line, the square dating from 1257, 200 metres long and 200 metres wide, is believed to be the largest such public space on the continent. Picturesque sights can be found [...]

The Internet in Krakow

There are numerous internet cafes in Krakow, many of them located in the Old Town. The prices range from 2-5 zl per hour. There are also cheap international phone call centres (one on the Main Square, the other in ul. Florianska). If you have your own laptop you can use free [...]

Trumpeting Krakow traditions

The bugle call that drifts over the rooftops of Krakow every hour on the hour is over 700 years old. The Polish archers took up their positions along the battlements. The arrows were flying, hissing through the air, raining down on the Tartar warriors. They were forced to retreat. The city [...]

Weekend in Krakow

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland. If you decide to visit, you will be staggered by the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture including palaces, churches and theatres in a variety of colors and styles. You definitely have to go to the Krakow Old Town, which is considered so [...]

Where to drink in Krakow - an instant guide to pubs, bars and cafes in Cracow

Cafes have always been especially popular with thinkers and artists to give and receive inspiration, often shaping the politics and culture of their country. Cracow has always had a very lively cafe culture, even during the Socialist regime’s attempts to eradicate it. Below are some popular Krakow cafés, [...]

Where to live in Krakow?

Where to live in Krakow? If you are planning to come and live here for a relatively long time you may be puzzled. However, help is at hand, as I have lived in several different locations in the city. First and foremost, I should warn you that a foreigner here is [...]

Amenities for disabled tourists in Krakow

In August 2007 Krakow joined the nationwide scheme “Poland without barriers”, whose aim is to improve the access to buildings and public areas for the disabled. We hope that Krakow’s all tourist attractions will soon become fully accessible for tourists with disabilities.   The accessibility to the cultural places in the Old [...]

Aqua Park in Krakow

Since the day of its opening (June 2000), Aqua Park is the most popular Krakow centre of entertainment and recreation for the whole family. It got the prestigious title of  “The construction of the Year” and have become the inseparable part of our city tourist offer. There are three pools in [...]

Arriving by train - Krakow main railway station

The main railway station (Dworzec Glowny) is conveniently situated on the edge of the Old Town. If you want to get to town, follow the signs ‘Wyjscie do centrum’ – walk up the ramp then along a roofed walkway till you get to the square. Cross the square and turn to [...]

Business Opportunities in Malopolska voivodship

The region of MalopoIska is bounded by the Swietokrzyskie (Holy Cross) Mountains on the north, the broad range of hills stretching down from Czestochowa to Krakow (Jura Krakowsko-Czestochowska) on the west, and the Tatra, Pieniny and Beskidy Mountains on the south.The most visible feature of the region's economy is its great [...]

Cinemas in Krakow

Almost all films shown in Krakow's cinemas are in the original language, with Polish subtitles. Prices are very reasonable, and are around 15-20 PLN at weekends but with significant reductions at other times. Film buffs should time their visit to Krakow to coincide with some of the annual festivals, such as the Polish and [...]

Eye on Krakow: Nieruchomosci - Property

Juan King, Spanish exchange student, writes exclusively in his new weekly column “Eye on Krakow” of his experience of life in Poland. This week: “Nieruchomosci” - Property When I first arrived in Poland at the beginning of the summer I had at my disposal enough wealth to buy a one [...]

Eye on Krakow: Outsourcing in Krakow gone mad? Even the Indians are coming...

What IS going on?Bangalore must currently be the world's official outsourcing centre... But for how much longer asks Juan King, Spanish exchange student, who writes exclusively in his weekly column “Eye on Krakow” of his experience of life in Poland?Krakow's market-share of the ever-expanding outsourcing industry continues to grow at [...]

Facts about Poland

Poland, situated in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of both ancient trade and present-day transportation routes from East to West, is 1000 years old and many of its towns and cities date back to its early days. They shelter a rich architectural and artistic heritage that has survived [...]

Foreign Consulates in Krakow

Although Krakow is no longer the capital of Poland, the city has a good number of consulates at hand, which can give you necessary information and help. American Consulate General of the United States of AmericaPostal address: ul. Stolarska 9, 31-043 KrakowPhone: (+48) 124245100Fax: (+48) 124245103Website: Consulate General of the Republic [...]

Foreign Direct Investments in Krakow

Krakow offers attractive business opportunities and the number of direct foreign investments constantly increases. The largest foreign investments in Krakow are in banking, industry, and trade sectors, and over the recent years in financial and telecommunications services as well as IT. Apart from the European companies, there are also considerable US [...]

Krakow Awaits Euro 2012

Michel Platini, the UEFA President, announced the decision of the Executive Committee. Poland and Ukraine have been chosen to host EURO in 2012. Games will be played in four Ukrainian cities (Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev and Lviv) and four Polish venues (Gdansk, Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw).   Krakow is listed as reserve venues. "On [...]

Krakow booze - the ultimate vodka how-to drinking guide

Vodka ( wódka ) is by far the No. 1 Polish brew and is consumed in astonishing quantities. Vodka has always been ubiquitous and abundant, and a product of the first necessity. Even when the Poles aren't celebrating, they're often drinking. You can take it for granted that there's at least [...]

Office Space Market in Krakow

The modern office market in Krakow has been developing dynamically since the late 90’s, but the greatest increase of leasehold stock of A- and B-class was recorded between the years 2000 and 2002. After that period developers’ activity has considerably fallen, however forecasts for the year 2007 are much more optimistic.   Currently [...]

Poles and a modern form of Dickensian Capitalism

I came to Poland expecting to find a society in which the principles of Capitalist consumerism meant little. I had thought that the lengthy prevalence of Communism here would be reflected in the attitudes of the Polish people. It is, but not in the way I had imagined. As my friends [...]

Poles and their history through Englishmen's eyes

This article is a polemics with articles published by Peter Fairless. The links to these articles are available below.   I have been visiting Poland for forty years now and although my initial reasons were because of family ties I have loved the country and the people since almost the first day. [...]

Pyrzowice Katowice Airport near Krakow

International Katowice Airport administers passenger terminal which is 7600 square metres in area with transfer capacity of 1 610 000 passengers yearly (525 passengers per hour). The structure meets international safety and functionality requirements for that type of structure. The restaurant is open from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm and around [...]

The Special Economic Zone: Krakow Technology Park

The Special Economic Zone - Kraków Technology Park was established in 1998. Its territory, appropriated for industrial development (greenfield investment projects), covers a total area of 122.07 ha and consists of four subzones located in Kraków and TarnówThe Krakow Technology Park consists of four separate areas: the 36-hectare Jagiellonian University Technology Park, [...]

Where are all the Jews, anyway?

The observant may notice whilst sightseeing in the Kazimierz district of Krakow that the Jewish population has, by and large, disappeared. ‘Aha!’, you might say, ‘I know what happened. The Holocaust.’ Yes, you would be partly correct. The majority of Polish Jews died during World War Two. But not all of [...]

Krakow Weather

Current and forecast weather conditions for Krakow including seasonal information for travelers.