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Smocza Jama

11 Wielopole Street apt 2, the Old Town [show on a map]
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from Sunday till Thursday

from Friday till Saturday

Standard Double Room NR2 PRIVATE (double bed)

2 x 40 PLN

2 x 55 PLN

Standard Double Room NR7 PRIVATE (two single bed)

2 x 40 PLN

2 x 55 PLN

Deluxe Triple Room NR1 PRIVATE (double bed + single bed)

3 x 40 PLN

3 x 50 PLN

Standard Triple Room NR3 PRIVATE (double bed + single bed)

3 x 40 PLN

3 x 45 PLN

Deluxe Triple Room NR5 PRIVATE (double bed + single bed)

3 x 40 PLN

3 x 45 PLN

Standard Triple Room NR6 PRIVATE (three single bed)

3 x 40 PLN

3 x 45 PLN

Eight Person Room NR4 DORMITORY (four storeyed bed)

40 PLN for bed

40 PLN for bed



Following on in the great traditions of travelers watering-holes on the great silk road to the east we now have the Dragons Den in Krakow ...standing proud in the old city, the Den holds out a warm welcome to those attitude backpackers who look for that extra dimension on their internal and external travels. The Den can proudly join the distinguished club of exotic overnighters typified by the pudding shop in Istanbul, the emir kebir in the shah's Teheran and the crown hotel on Chandi Chowk in Old Delhi ,even Vlad the Impaler was once heard to remark........'

The DRAGON'S DEN is located on 11/2 WIELOPOLE street in KRAKÓW. Here budget travelers can enjoy a clean bed, bath, and more, all at a hospitable rate. According to founder the low budget hotel is a dream come true. "I've done a fair bit of traveling myself, so I know what backpackers and other budget travelers are looking for." The Dragon's Den offers rooms in a variety of shapes and sizes. Around the clock security allows the guests comfort and safety within their environment. So, please do not invite total stranger into the hotel. We are located in the very heart of Kraków , near Main Market Square. Amidst all of the excitement of this vibrant city you will find a meeting place with a cozy lounge and relaxed atmosphere, where you can meet people from all over the world. Have a coffee, or tea, cool down… We strive to be a home away from home for all Dragon's Den lovers.
We understand you have limited funds, so our staff is carefully selected to create an atmosphere where no one will laugh at you for eating peanut butter sandwiches three times a day. The staff may even throw you some scraps from the catered, gourmet feasts they indulge in daily. The rooms are far more comfortable than your average hostel. We have private accommodations as well as dormitories where ten of your new closest friends can watch you and your wife make love. Finally, hotel guests can expect to find all kinds of tourist information. Reservations can be made with a telephone but confirmations go with pre-paid amount with bank transfer or payment cash upon arrival We have a 72 hours cancellation policy. Please note that You will loose your deposit if not honoring this.
Without fear, virgins can sleep here calmly, will not sacrifice them to the Monster! Anyway all our guests are here safe, as at home... Our newly open hostelry will administer 24 beds ,with large common room, several bathrooms and access to the Net. It is possible here to make washing or to prepare food in a comfortable kitchen. Hmm... in total , as for Cracow nothing special but...though we don't have royal apartments here we promise that You will be very important for us!

Cool ... we take toll also - 25 PLN from head... (folded on pillow in the cheapest room), lonely and free shooter will pay the most - 70 PLN. We do not rip off excessively? True or false ? Main Square is a stone throw away ( only be careful strongman you not to hit General Post Office inbetween). It will take several minutes to get to Cracovian " Kazimierz ". It was associated with Jewish culture recently (and justly) but it is proper to remind, that nomen omen, King of Poland - Kazimierz set it as a town in a year 1335. Anyway this is already a cult place and party is on here whole year long ! Persistent tourist! You can reach railway station ( PKP ) and bus station ( PKS ) within 10 minutes, an airport in Balice in 30 minutes ,as we all, by train or taxi for app. 50 PLN, at least your flight is cheap, isn't it ?... You need not however memorize these details, our team from Reception will tell You all quickly. Aha, we are on first storey so you will not get tired with mountain-climbing when you will arrive already at last!

Additional information:

- RECEPTION OPENS FROM 8 AM TILL 11 PM (in Sunday from 8 am till 9 pm)
(For the duration of their stay hostel guests receive a complete set of keys
to all the doors and are independent of the Reception)
- Friendly rates for exclusive stay
- The lowest prices for the highest standard
- Linen included
- Comfortable beds with high class mattrasses
- Free internet access
- WIFI in all hostels' rooms
- Young, friendly, nice and skilled staff
- Year-long hostel
- Clean bathrooms and toillets ( one for 1-2 rooms)
- Kitchen open for general use with everything you need to make
- Delicious meals
- Access to laundry and dryer
- Security lockers and luggage storage
- We clean rooms with longer stay in our hostel
- Free tea, coffee and sugar

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