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Rustic Style Apartment

1/3 Bujwida Street, the Old Town [show on a map]
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noclegi w Krakowie Since 2005 we found accommodation in Krakow for 41291 people.

minimum stay: 3 nights
price for a group up to 4 people: from 500 euro
from 800 per week
additional person: from 60 euro/night
price can change according to the season 


Air-conditioned throughout, with sauna, spacious, superbly furnished and equipped to the highest standard four room apartment with excellent location and style that mesmerizes. The name - Rustic Splandour - truly reflects the apartment's character with emphasis on splandour and the little touch of rustic style.

Stone, wood and artistic design compose hypnotizing variety of rustic images such as floor-to-ceiling lit-up fountain or rustic brick wall design encapsulated in massive painting-like frame made of door entrance. Everything served in most elegant style, lush but without unnecessary frills. Interior architect brought unique character to all the rooms of the superb apartment making it an excellent choice for guests with sophisticated taste.


Living room
Architect's imagination was at its highest in here! Entering it from the hall, the living room has a massive door entrance designed to look as a stylish frame of a rustic picture. The decorative wall across the room features unusual brick design and thus creates a stunning picture in the picture effect. Adhering to the living room is a dining area and kitchen where the touch of rustic style was achieved with creative idea of kitchen designed to look like "Prussian Wall" - heavy diagonal wooden logs over furniture imitating natural rough wall surface create stunning effect. The dining area is features hand made to order ceramic lamps hanging over a beautiful oak table. kitchen Silhouetted against the stylish kitchen is a beautiful fountain and its soothingly gurgling water oozing from two meters high bright stone crack and slowly trickling down behind a large tree. Complementing the breathtaking effect of splandour with the rustic touch is a set of classy leather furniture, artistic pottery and subdued lighting stirring up tempting and inviting emotions.

Chiseled Wood Bedroom
Chiseled Wood bedroom has a romantic flavor which comes with the warm combination of wood, classy leather and patinaed brass. The staggering effect of what we call the Chiseled Wood bedroom comes from its impressive highlight - a large wooden wall artistically treated with chisel in order to achieve sophisticated wooden irregularities reinforced by vertical light. Combination of seemingly accidental grooves and shades creates truly artistic and warm rustic décor. Below the decorative wall, are two single beds made of solid patinaed brass frames and classy leather. Hand made to order ceramic vases complement the rustic image of Chiseled Wood Bedroom.

Rustic Stone bedroom
The beauty of the bedroom comes from its charming background - entire wall surface covered with natural stone which structures are highlighted and beautified by vertical floor lighting. Silhouetted against the bright stone, under wooden logs suspended below the ceiling is a display of ceramic works of art, stylish dark brown furniture pieces and lit-up double bed making you feel as if the bed floated over the oak flooring.

The Shagal bedroom
The bedroom has two highly competitive parts - the leisure and sleeping areas. Apart from most comfortable double bed, the sleeping part has a decorative rustic touch that makes you hesitate whether to sleep or not - wooden logs under the ceiling and suspended below dense network of thin wooden pieces let in gentle, subdued light exposing the romantic view from the bed - the famous masterpiece of Shagal. As for the leisure part, it consists of a classy leather sofa and a beautiful coffee table. The picture of Rustic Stone bedroom complement things like set of hand made to order ceramic works of art or a beautiful telephone from 1920.

Bathroom & Sauna
The bathroom has a toilet, a bidet and a large stand-up shower and thus has all it needs to be comfortable. What we love about it most are large Italian tiles featuring discolored rusty shades and silhouetted against them bright elements such as hand made to order ceramic washing basin and lit up wooden sculptures. Feel like walking barefoot on exotic flooring? The in-floor heating system will make your stay in this beautiful bathroom warm and pleasant. Attached to the bathroom is a transparent door leading to the sauna. We are truly happy we have managed to bring in luxury that comes with a sauna, especially being aware that it is rather large houses outside costly cities that can afford such a luxury within extremely high square meter prices of Krakow apartments. Luckily, originally the old apartment had a large pantry without a window - which simply demanded to be converted into the sauna for the enjoyment of our guests.

Second Bathroom
When arranging the functionality of the apartment, in case of as many as three bedrooms, we obviously predicted the need for more than one bathroom. The second bathroom has a large stand-up shower, a toilet and a washing basin. Although, this is a bit smaller bathroom and with lower design potential for architects, we made it very comfortable.

Additional information:
In the same location there are 3 apartments that we rent. That means that a group of up to 22 people can be accommodated in one building. Apartments: Austere Elegance, Rustic Splendor and Red Desert Mirage are completely independent but located on the same floor of a building thus family or friends can be close at hand, just across the commonly shared hall.

Local attractions:
Whatever you prefer: the splendour of the Old Town or enchanting Jewish district of Kazimierz - the location of our apartments will suit your needs. Staying at one of our apartments, you are just 6 minutes’ walk to both areas. Main social night-life attractions as well as most of the landmarks of Krakow are just at hand.

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