The Special Economic Zone: Krakow Technology Park

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The Special Economic Zone - Kraków Technology Park was established in 1998. Its territory, appropriated for industrial development (greenfield investment projects), covers a total area of 122.07 ha and consists of four subzones located in Kraków and Tarnów

The Krakow Technology Park consists of four separate areas: the 36-hectare Jagiellonian University Technology Park, the 30-hectare Technology Park of the Krakow University of Technology, the 35-hectare Sendzimir Steelworks Technology Park, and the youngest 21-hectare Tarnow Industrial Cluster. The first three are situated in various corners of Krakow itself, whereas the last one has its location in the city of Tarnow some 90 kilometers east of Krakow. 

The strategic objectives of the Special Economic Zone include: development of the advanced technology sector, in particular information technology and telecom networks, material engineering, health care, medical engineering, genetic engineering, biotechnology and environmental protection ensuring favourable economic, organisational and infrastructural conditions for domestic and foreign investors employment of the scientific and research potential of local universities by the transfer of the results of scientific research and advanced technologies to the industrial sector as well as education and training of professional staff supporting the development and restructuring of the existing companies by the delivery of innovative technologies and organisational concepts.

Main Investors in The Special Economic Zone - Kraków Technology Park:

• Motorola Inc. (USA)
• RR Donnelley (USA)
ComArch SA (Poland)
• AZ-Soft SA (Poland)
Alcro-Beckers AB (Sweden)

Entrepreneurs investing in the Special Economic Zone - Kraków Technology Park may apply for public support, i.e. income tax exemptions. These exemptions are granted to companies implementing investment projects or providing new job opportunities.

Zone Managing Company:

Kraków Advanced Technologies Center
Al. Jana Pawla II 37
31-116 Kraków, Poland
Tel.: (+48 12) 640 19 40 Fax: (+48 12) 640 19 45

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