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Prozak KrakowType: Discotheque
Location: Old Town
Music style: Dance/House/Techno/Broken Beats

Address: Plac Dominikanski 6

Opening hours: 16 - the last guest

Prozak works in many ways.There are three routes to follow after entering Prozac: first one leads to the long bar, where the heart of the pub beats, go straight on into arms of the rocking crowds, or turn left into a chill-out zone.From Thursdays till Sundays (in the summer only) DJs from all over the world try their skills in Prozak.
Location on the map of Krakow Prozak
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Latest Review
Reviewed by Amy from London on 2010-04-29  
went to prozak at the beginning of April - it was awesome! really cool atmosphere and a good vibe. the bouncers were a bit scarry tho but overall I had a great time
Reviewed by Matt from UK on 2009-07-11  
Went to this club at start of April with 2 friends. After my friends were allowed entry, the lady said that I had drunk too much to come in which was fair enough. When it became clear I wasn't going to be allowed in I went over to the door to wait for my friends to join me. Out of nowhere, a huge shaven headed bouncer hit me so hard in the chest that it felt like I had been hit with a bar. As I lay on the floor, he hit me repeatedly in the head and didn't stop until I was covered in blood. For the next 2 weeks my head hurt and I had to go for X-rays. It took 2 months before the pain in my chest had gone. I can honestly say that I wasn't aggressive in any way at all, vocally or physically.Even after he attacked me, it took me so much by surprise I still didn't react.One of my other friends turned up to see the state that I was in.He spoke with the manager who said the bouncer's name was Matthew.We tried to ask people to call the police but when some blokes in uniform turned up they listened, didn't say anything, started laughing then got back in their car. As my friends started taking photos of their car they were then sprayed in the face with CS gas. We decided it was then a good time to leave.I have been to many nightclubs and bars around the world in the past 10 years and never had anything remotely like this. Maybe I was just unlucky. Apparently, the bouncer said that I was about to charge the door which is crazy.From the many reviews that I have seen, this would seem to be an unusual experience and I know many people who have had a good time in Krakow but it is the only time in my life that I have been the victim of a completely unprovoked attack and it ranks alongside the worst nights of my life. It cetainly soured my view of Poland and I won't be returning.
Reviewed by Markus from Germany on 2007-12-11  
That was my first stay in Krakau and in this nice club and i have to say "WoW!!" Nice location for drinks, good Music and happy people! Greets to Oxana ;) I come back, that´s safty !!!
Reviewed by dave from england on 2007-11-27  
very good club sso chilled and full of life real party place loved it!
Reviewed by chris wilkes from wolverhampton, england on 2007-08-20  
a great club, chilled out, nice beer...i think it's known locally as one of the best clubs around-try and get there before the doorstaff turn up though (about 9pm) don't think they like the english much-they saw us coming and tred to charge us £20 entrance while the poles were getting in for free...we went back the next day though before they got there and got in for free.
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