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Cafe Bar Lodziarnia

Type: Cafe
Location: Old Town

Address: ul. Grodzka 13
Tel: 0 668 420 686

Cafe Bar Lodziarnia is a cosy two-level cafe located at the very heart of the Old Town, at the famous Grodzka street. Lodziarnia is a unique complex featuring a cafe, bar and a play zone for children. It is a place where parents can leave their kids under the careful supervision of the professional staff, while they can enjoy a cup of coffee and a relaxing break. The cafe offers a nice selection of snacks, sandwiches, desserts and home-made ice cream to suit the guests of all age!
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Latest Review
Reviewed by Eimear Musgrave from Ireland on 2009-10-23  
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the WORST place I have been to in Krakow in the many years I have been coming here. The decor is about the only good thing in Cafe Bar Lodziarnia. I went to Lodziarnia yesterday with my 8 year old and I was appalled by the inedible food and terrible service. I ordered black tea with lemon and there was some kind of insect on the lemon, I let that slide because God knows that can happen to anyone and any time. Then when my avocado and prawn salad arrived the avocado was black and the prawns smelled and tasted disgusting. When I went to the bar to return the food the "waitress" was very rude. I approached her with a smiling face and simply said "Can I send this back, it's not very good" to which she replied " and that means what?" and promptly turned away from me.... I then told her that I did not want a replacement but could I order 2 ice creams instead. After 30 mins of waiting we decided to leave as the ice creams hadn't arrived and we had to be somewhere. This was awful and how the owners of this establishment can allow their staff to behave in such a way is unbelievable. By the time I left Lodziarnia I had a headache from the awful experience and the crappy Euro trash techno music that was pumping from the speakers the whole time I was there.
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