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Krakow Restaurants - a places to eat in Krakow

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By not only Polish standards, Krakow is an eating, drinking and partying paradise - the Old Town is tightly packed with pubs, bars and cafes, reputedly (but it seems true!) 300 of them - catering for every pocket from rock bottom to top-notch. Recently, also the Jewish district of Kazimierz has become a lively place, especially during the evening. Every week sees the launch of a new café or a pub.

Krakow's Selected Restaurants


Edo Fusion, the sister restaurant of pure Japanese Edo Sushi, is as the name suggests an excellent locale for much sought after Asian fusion, where dishes created with a wide canvas of flavors especially from the recognized cuisines of Japan and Thailand are juxtaposed with flavors and techniques from the Mediterranean, Italy and even Mexico; this is creativity in the kitchen at its very best. A stunning interior implements the idea of modern-fusion firmly in the mind, preparing one to appreciate and savor delicacies such as the black tiger shrimp batter fried with cilantro and shiitake mushroom, cod marinated in sweet miso paste, halibut in sake served on cucumber Carpaccio and also the fried wheat noodles with chicken in curry sauce. An outstanding journey of flavors is what one experiences here at Edo Fusion!

Ye Olde Polish Commonwealth Fare
Gentles and Worthies All,
Right glad shall we be to wine ye and dine ye in the rooms of our Restaurant, serving ye with all manner of the most excellent fare. Ye can try our knuckle of pork with the most delicious crackling; duck with wild cherries; young fowl done in honey and garlic; steak tartare; Pituch, that is fermented żur soup served with egg, sausage, ham, and bread; or retainer’s potato with all manner of goodness … and all these delicacies will taste best if washed down with half a pint of Miodula, the finest mead blended with vodka exclusively for us. Ye shall find four rooms big enough to feast 170 honourable guests, while the merry fire in the fireplace and the auncient melodies of Old Polish, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian music will carry you back to bygone times.
Many of the most renowned guests have sojourned here. We have entertained the entertainers Roman Polański and Adrien Brody, Jon Voight, Jerzy Hoffman, Ewa Wi¶niewska, Michał Żebrowski, and Jerzy Trela; gourmet chefs Robert Makłowicz, Piotr Bikont and Ewa Wachowicz; Maryla Rodowicz and Edyta Górniak, divas of the Polish music world; famous sportsmen Jerzy Dudek and Leszek Kuzaj; and many, many more; and we are looking forward to hosting ye just as sumptuously, so that ye can taste of all our specialities and spread abroad the message that there be no finer fare, no liquors more delectable to be had in all Cracow, nay, in all Poland, than in this our Ogniem i Mieczem Restaurant.
Our servaunts open the doors when the clock striketh twelve, and close at midnight.