Why visit Krakow ?

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Cracow for a long time has been under the influence of the fairy-tale like scenery's charm, derived from the time when the kings were dwelling the Wawel Castle (which also these days influences the magic of this previous Polish capital's atmosphere), when menacing dragons were threatening the safety of the town and the bright knights were fighting for beautiful princesses' favour.
All these initiated fairytales and legends, which are well known to every Cracow citizen. Today Cracow is being enchanted by beautiful historic monuments, storing the history of the town, as well as by exceptional underground pubs, cafes and theatres. In all those places you can feel a creative atmosphere, which encourages various artists to come in and have a cup of tea or a beer. The streets surrounding the Cracow's Main Market Square (which is, in fact, the largest medieval square in Europe) from dawn until dusk are filled with music and artistry of young people such as street singers, players and actors. Such an extraordinary artistic atmosphere has been the reason why Cracow has been awarded an honourable title of the European Capital of Culture. Because of this title there has been a growing number of cultural events carried out in Cracow. Their scale and momentum make more and more foreigners come and visit this beautiful place. One of many such cultural events is the Festival of the Jewish Culture, which takes place every year in the picturesque Jewish district called Kazimierz. It is during this Festival when people of all cultures, generations and nationalities unite in the mutual dance and singing.
Other annual events include: the series of concerts "Music in old Cracow", the festival of the street theatres, the floating of wreaths on the Vistula river, Summer Jazz festival and many more.
Cracow is also an ideal place for those who enjoy revelling all night. It's here, at the Main Market Square, where the greatest number of pubs per square kilometre on Earth is located. Everyone can find something for their liking; there're pubs where you can dance till dawn or those, which resemble galleries, where the air is full of creative thoughts, while walls and ceilings are occupied by photos, drawings or paintings. There're also some dim cellars, where you can hide . from the frantic pace of today's world.
There's no place for boredom in Cracow; it's an extraordinary, magical place, enchanting absolutely everyone. Just come and check it by yourself!
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