A new historical mural in Krakow

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On the walls of the flyover at the intersection of 29 Listopada Avenue (Al. 29 Listopada) and Opolska street, a large mural (350 sq. meters) has been painted recently. The historical graffiti commemorates the 325th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna (1683), which broke the advance of the Ottoman Empire in Europe.

The large-scale battle was won by Polish-Austrian-German forces led by King of Poland John III Sobieski against the Ottoman Empire army commanded by Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha.

The mural named „The Triumphant City Gate” is the second historical graffiti in Krakow. The first one, called „Silva Rerum”, is located along al. Powstancow Slaskich and has been painted to commemorate the 750th anniversary of the 1257 city charter of Krakow.

Silva Rerum along al. Powstancow Slaskich

„The Triumphant City Gate” depicts the battle scenes and the Polish Army as well as flags, coat-of-arms, swords and other parts of armour. On the side walls of the flyover, there are pictures of four military commanders who took part in the Battle of Vienna: King John III Sobieski, Stanislaw Jablonowski, Mikolaj Hieronim Sieniawski and Hieronim August Lubomirski.

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