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  Krakow Ghetto

Krakow Ghetto KrakowType: Monument
Location: Podgorze


The Krakow ghetto was officially established on 3 March, 1941 in the Podgorze District, not in the Jewish quarter Kazimierz. Thousands of Krakow Jews were ordered to move to Podgorze and crowded into a small area covering 15 streets. Several months later in October, a further thousands of Jews from nearby villages were forced into the ghetto. The ghetto was surrounded by the wall in the shape of Jewish tombstones. All the windows and doors overlooking the “Aryan” side of the city were bricked up. From 30 May, 1942 the Nazis implemented gradual deportations of Jews to surrounding concentration camps. The final “liquidation” was carried out on 13-14 March, 1943, when 8,000 Jews were transported to the Plaszow labor camp and some 2,000 were killed in the streets of the ghetto. The remaining Jews were sent into Auschwitz concentration camp. Today, fragments of the former ghetto wall are still visible. The pharmacy "Under the Eagle" at Plac Bohaterow Getta (Ghetto Heroes Plaza), which used to serve as a hub of underground activity, now contains a small ghetto museum. There is also a memorial for the murdered Jews of the Podgorze Ghetto. Before the WWII there were 64,000 Polish Jews in Krakow, only about 1,000 survived the Holocaust.
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