Preparing for Euro 2012

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UEFA experts have assessed that Krakow is one of the best prepared Polish cities for Euro 2012. Only two other cities - Warsaw and Chorzow have similar level of preparations.

Wisla football stadium, four star hotels and medical infrastructure have all got high marks form the UEFA experts. However, Krakow still needs about 600 rooms in five star hotels. The city authorities claim that till 2012 Krakow will meet all the UEFA requirements concerning the tourist infrastructure.

Balice Airport has received only three points, however the score is not that low comparing other cities like Chorzow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Poznan, which got only one point.

The local authorities are satisfied with the high position of Krakow in the cities’ ranking but they realize that Krakow cannot be sure of its position on the list of Euro 2012 host cities. The final UEFA decision concerning the Euro 2012 host cities will be taken in about two years and the exact date will be announced this year at the end of September.

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