Ryanair limits number of flights to Krakow

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Ryanair has announced a suspension of connections with Balice Airport in Krakow between 4 November and 19 December 2008. The reasons for this decision are high fuel prices and constantly increasing airport fees. Apart from Krakow, Ryanair has suspended connections with 6 other European cities, including another Polish city of Rzeszow.

Costs at these airports are among the most expensive in Europe and far outweigh the potential revenue which passengers are prepared to pay, particularly during the off-peak winter period, the airline said.

Together with the suspension of connections to Balice, the budget Irish airlines are planning to inaugurate connections to Katowice Airport in Pyrzowice. Ryanair is not the first budget airlines, which moved from Balice to Pyrzowice. Also Germanwings has chosen the cheaper Silesian airport.

Unofficial sources claim that Ryanair may completely withdraw from Balice airport, and keep the connection only to Pyrzowice. If this happens, Balice is to suffer, as Ryanair provides connections to 10 European airports and last year the Irish airlines carried the biggest number of passengers. 


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