Krakow's Spa

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Krakow, is the only city in Poland, which within its borders has a spa resort – Swoszowice.

Swoszowice, one of Krakow’s districts, is located 10 km southeast of the city centre. This picturesque oasis of greenery is famous for its sulphuric water, which has a unique chemical composition and a high amount of gaseous hydrogen sulphide. The spa offers sulphuric baths and mud packs, which are beneficial for patients with rheumatic, orthopedic or neurological conditions. Sulphuric baths also help to lower the level of cholesterol and uric acid. Other treatments at the spa include hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and massages.

Swoszowice features a historical spa park, woodland and the riverside, which makes it an ideal area for walking and cycling. One of the most popular walking paths is dedicated to pope John Paul II.
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