Podgorze & Nowa Huta - rising stars of Krakow

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As a result of high prices on the Main Square and in the Old Town, Podgorze as well as Nowa Huta enjoy a growing popularity among tourists. Both Krakow’s districts have a lot to offer for tourists and are a cheaper alternative for an expensive Wawel or Wieliczka.

Owing to a strong Zloty compared to other currencies, more and more visitors choose restaurants and bars, as well as tourists attractions outside the Main Square and adjacent streets. Instead of expensive attractions on the Royal Route, they prefer Schindler’s List Route in Podgorze or Nowa Huta Communism tour.

Local authorities in both districts are trying to do their best to adjust the districts to a growing number of visitors, bring new life and make them tourist friendly. They are convinced that their districts have a great tourist potential - Nowa Huta due to its unique architectural solutions and Communist backgroung; Podgorze due to its artistic and laidback ambience.

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