Krakow is a Lovely City for a Spring Break

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Krakow has been described as a "lovely city", perfect for a springtime getaway, this week.

Fregata Travel, which has specialised in European breaks for over 50 years, added that Krakow is now proving to be one of the most-popular eastern European holiday destinations.

Tim Campbell, manager of Fregata Travel, said: "One destination that really has been up and coming for the past couple of years is Krakow.

"It's a lovely city, and although there is not a vast amount of hotel stock there it's a lovely place to go to. That's been really picking up and is getting quite busy now."

He added that although the weather in Krakow is nicest in spring, tourists visiting the city at this time of year may end up paying "a lot more money".

For those who don't mind "feeling a bit nippy", Mr Campbell advised visiting the Polish city during winter, when they will get better value for money.


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