Krakow remains a medieval marvel

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"What's that?" I asked, looking with horror at the revolting-looking mug of liquid we'd been served in the "medieval experience" restaurant Chlopskie Jadlo.
"Polish fat," replied the waiter, confirming that we can all be happy we don't have to eat medieval style every day.
Fortunately, Krakow's other medieval experiences don't have to be consumed. Rynek Glowny , the town's Main Market Square , is Poland's (and probably all of Europe's) largest medieval town square with a layout essentially unchanged since 1257. The huge Cloth Hall , running down the center of the square, was originally erected in the 14th century, while St. Mary's Church , with its curiously unmatched towers, dominates the eastern side of the square.
The entire periphery of the magnificent square is lined with bars and cafes; even St. Mark's Square in Venice would have trouble putting out this many tables and chairs. It's said that Krakow's square also rivals St. Mark's for its pigeon population, and strolling around the square on a hot summer day, you could easily conclude the Poles like ice cream just as much as the Italians.
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