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  Cocon Music Club

Cocon Music Club  KrakowType: Club
Location: Kazimierz
Music style: Club Music

Address: Gazowa 21
Tel: (+48) 501350665
Opening hours: 20 - 5


Cocon is the biggest LGBT music club in southern Poland. We offer two dance floors, three bars with a wide range of beverages, air conditioning in a main room, modern sound&light system, as well as the smokers aeria. The club invites you on Thursday (karaoke), Friday and Saturday from 21.00

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Latest Review
Reviewed by Simon from Denmark on 2012-09-16  
Great gay club. Was there with my boyfriend. Lot of people and easy to have a good time. Lots of cute guys too. If you're looking for a gay club in Krakow, go there. Only negative was some of the bartenders that were bitchy and sat and talked instead of serving people. I guess Poland doesn't need money and economical growth :)
Reviewed by Ivana from Craotia on 2009-12-26  
this is a gay club?? I'm leaving 4 krakow in a few days and I was wondering if u could recommend me some good clubs with disco/house/electro music? is this one of those clubs?
Reviewed by Teun van Opstal from Tilburg, Netherlands on 2009-08-25  
I was in Cocon on a Saturday, about 4 weeks ago. Had an awsome time there ! I met this Polish guy and we went to an appartment in Kazimir. He was big and wore a white T-shirt without sleeves. He had to leave early and all I have of him is a white Calvin Klein short (shame on me). If you read this message or anyone who thinks he knows him, please contact were not finished yet ;-)
Reviewed by Karlo from prague on 2009-03-01  
This club is modern but the staff on the door and cloakroom are bad, they are rude and unhelpfull. The music is good and Djs are super. The local people are not friendly and lots of the men in this club are aggressive. The dark room is very dirty and if you visit in there the men attack you if you say NO to them. Only visit if you are with friends . This city makes a lot of money out of tourists as does my home prague, but the difference is in Prague and as czec we are friendly people . Come on you polski treat people who visit your country better ok
Reviewed by Richard O'Brien from London on 2008-03-17  
The night-club is really hip with great dance music. There were two main-rooms and a dark room too ;-) Everybody was stylish and there's a great, lively atmosphere. I will visit again on my next trip to Krakow.
Reviewed by addy from england on 2008-03-06  
Me and friend went there on 1st march had a wicked time the gay guys are hot its packed with 80% guys and 20% girls, they were good looking too. Good music and not over priced drinks beers 7pln we will go back again end of may
Reviewed by martin from Munich on 2007-07-11  
Excellent gay disco!!! Great fun!!
Reviewed by summer from Krakow on 2007-06-23  
w soboty - UWIELBIAM
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