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The numbers speak for themselves: over 600 pairs take part in the Prof. Marian Wieczysty Cup National Dance Competition. The event, for over a quarter of a century held in January to commemorate the anniversary of the death of its founder (21 January 1987), enjoys unabated popularity. The competition’s originator, a dancer and outstanding educator, created the competition’s formula back in the 1970s, basing it around football tournaments. After his passing, the event has been run by artistic director Andrzej Golonka; it features dancers split into age groups: juniors (14-15 years old) and 15 and over. They face one another in standard dances (English waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, foxtrot and quickstep) and Latin American dances (samba, rumba, chacha, pasodoble and jive).

The main event is accompanied by the National Polish Dance Competition and meetings for teachers, instructors and anyone fascinated by dance. Nowy Targ hosts the Prof. M. Wieczysty Cup National Polish Dance Competition in the Hobby and Senior categories.
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