Spa Hotels in Krakow

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The term Spa is the abbreviation of the Latin “Sanitas per aqua”, which means “health through water”. Spa traditionally refers to a health-resort known for the beneficial influence of its waters and microclimate. Nowadays, even if you cannot go to the mountain or seaside resorts, you can still experience the therapeutic effects of spa treatments in the heart of big cities, in SPA hotels and salons. They are true oases of tranquility and relaxation, where you can find a refuge from stresses and strains of everyday life and take care of your body, mind and soul. This is a place, where in the exotic ambience resounding with soothing music, you can feel the harmony with nature. This is a place to experience wellness and comfort, thanks to the healing and rejuvenating powers of water, earth and plants.

When you come to Krakow as a tourist or on business, after a tiring day full of activities, you can enjoy numerous spa and body care treatments at one of the Krakow’s spa hotels and salons.

Top Spa & Wellness Hotels in Krakow

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