Festival of Lemko Culture in Zdynia near Gorlice

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Lemkos arriving from different parts the world set up their Vatra Festival in July in Zdynia near Gorlice. The Lemkos inhabited south-east Galicia until 1947, when they were accused of supporting the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and were expelled as part of Operation Vistula.

Festival of Lemko Culture Lemko Vatra is the largest such event in the world. On stage at the Zdynia amphitheatre, there are three days of live music and theatre. They are accompanied by exhibitions, competitions, demonstrations of traditional crafts, the Siesta of poetry and literature and more..., a Lemko Spartakiad, and events and activities for children. A permanent element of the programme is a drive in the liniment maker’s cart, recalling the old profession of an itinerant vendor of embrocation and other products from Carpathian refineries. (Dorota Dziunikowska, „Karnet" monthly)

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