European Festival of Contemporary Dance Kraków-Bytom

2011-06-27 - 2011-07-02
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New festival of contemporary dance organised in Kraków and Bytom by The Silesian Dance Theatre in cooperation with European Union National Institutes of Culture (EUNIC).

Performances in Krakow:

27 June 2011
6 pm Vava Stefanescu (Romania) After all
9 pm Farid Fairuz (Romania) Farewell (or about the discrete oversights of the limbic system)!

28 June 2011 / 7 pm
Compagnie Humaine (France) Absence
Cie.DANS.KIAS (Austria) Exposition corps

29 June 2011 / 7 pm
Collettivo Cinetico (Italy) XD retinal writings about the obscenity of teeth
I.B.I. Cultura (Italy) Alice’s Room

30 June 2011 / 7 pm
PARK Soon-ho Dance Project (Korea) Pattern & Variability, Balance & Imbalance
EDx2 Dance Company (Korea) Modern Feeling, What we’ve lost

1 July 2011 / 7 pm
Chantal Gondang Company (France) Flô
Paula Rosolen (Germany) Die Farce der Suche – A Solo from and about Renate Schottelius
Andrea Miltnerova (Czech Republic) Fractured

2 July 2011 / 7 pm
Busyrocks (Germany) Throwing Rocks
Anna Piotrowska (Poland) zmian(AA) POGODY
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