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Like in the past, wandering comedians will come to Krakow soon, tumblers, troubadours, loiterers, merchants and stall-keepers from distant lands to take part in St John’s Fair organised within the domain of Wianki [Midsummer’s Night] in Krakow. A journey to the medieval town, its customs, traditions, craft, dances and revelry await all those who come to the Czerwienski Boulevard.

Merchants will spread their goods at Wawel in wooden stalls or thick canvas tents. The guests will be greeted by the city’s host with a pageant of pages and ladies, and nuns from Tyniec will arrive on raft boats with beer and honey.

For the five days of St John’s Fair, the following will await guests: stalls with food (Slavic cuisine, beer and honey, herbs), jewellery and costumes from the past (purse making, working with amber, weaving, hems), weapons (arches, armourer), but also various types of devices for everyday use, toys and paper articles. Barber-surgeons will present medicaments (bugs, maggots, herbs!); they will talk about bleeding and tooth extraction by a blacksmith.

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