Shopping in Krakow

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Krakow is undoubtedly a perfect destination for tourists thanks to its fine architecture and magic ambience of the Old Town. When you stroll along enchanting cobbled streets you can feel the history and long cherished tradition of this marvelous city. Krakow, however, has its modern side, attractive for shopping fans.


If you wish to buy a folk souvenir, the best and the nearest place is Sukiennice (the historical Cloth Hall) right in the middle of the Main Square. There are market stalls with plenty of traditional handcrafted gifts and folk art.


You can find many bookshops in the shopping centres, but if you are really keen on cultural products of different kind, you cannot miss EMPiK megastore, which is situated just on the Main Square, close to St. Mary’s Basilica. It is a leading retail chain in Poland with an excellent selection of press, books (also in foreign languages) CDs, DVDs and stationery. You can also find one in Galeria Krakowska and Galeria Kazimierz.


If you are not particularly fond of big shopping centres and would rather do shopping in small and cosy boutiques, Krakow can satisfy your needs as well. You can make a shopping tour strolling along the streets of the Old Town admiring its fine architecture on the way. There are a few lively shopping streets which should not be missed:
  • - Florianska
  • - Stradomska
  • - Grodzka
  • - Karmelicka
  • - Szewska
  • - Dluga
They abound with elegant boutiques with fine clothes and jewellery, high quality shoes and leather goods of well-known Italian brands, inviting you to stop by and shop.

However, if elegant boutiques and shops with fashionable, brand-new goods are not your cup of tea visit the old Jewish District – Kazimierz. With its small alleys, it is a paradise for shoppers who love antiques. The district abounds with antiquarian bookshops, second-hand shops and little stores selling trinkets and souvenirs. If you visit Plac Nowy (a square in the heart of Kazimierz) on Sunday morning you will have a chance to walk around a flea market, where you can find bargains and rarities along with jumble.


There are a few large shopping centres with a wide range of shops where customers can find:
brand clothes, lingerie, sporting products, shoes and leather goods, accessories, jewellery, perfumes and cosmetics, electronic and electric equipment, home furnishings, books, press, toys, gifts and food – all to fulfil customers’ needs.

When customers get hungry or need a break they can visit centres’ restaurants and cafes, where they can enjoy delicious cuisine from around the globe or sip a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. Visit Krakow’s centres to see how pleasurable shopping can be!
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