Arriving by train - Krakow main railway station

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The main railway station (Dworzec Glowny) is conveniently situated on the edge of the Old Town. If you want to get to town, follow the signs ‘Wyjscie do centrum’ – walk up the ramp then along a roofed walkway till you get to the square. Cross the square and turn to the left to walk through the underpass. You will emerge in Planty – a park surrounding the Old Town. If you need a currency exchange, information desk or public telephones, you will find them in the main railway station building. There is also a left-luggage office, a bar and a restaurant.

Cracow main railway stationIf you would like to travel by train to other places in Poland or Europe, there are six kinds of trains to be chosen: InterCity (IC), EuroCity (EC), express trains (Ex), TKL, normal and local trains. InterCity (IC), EuroCity (EC) and express trains are quicker and more expensive than normal trains, and you must pay extra for a seat reservation: extra 10 PLN for an express train and extra 25 PLN for an InterCity train. If you travel with InterRail Pass you still need to pay the extra amount for seat reservation. You can also travel by ‘Cheap Railway Line’ TKL -they are not really cheaper than normal trains, however, you pay extra for seat reservations (3 PLN for a normal seat, 20 PLN for a bunk bed). There are two classes of travel: first and second class. First class is more expensive, but at the same time more comfortable and less crowded. Children under 4 travel free. Children aged 4-6 have 37% discount.

Departures ‘odjazdy’ are indicated on the yellow timetables, arrivals ‘przyjazdy’ on the white ones. For the fully searchable timetable visit:

If you're in a hurry, you can pay for your ticket with a small extra charge on the train but you must announce this to the conductor as soon as you board.

Trains to Warsaw leave hourly, a ticket for a normal train costs 71 PLN (second class) and 107 (first class) + extra 10 or 25 PLN if you travel by Ex or IC. The station has connections to some European cities: Berlin, Bucuresti, Budapest, Burgas, Hamburg, Kiev, Odessa, Praga, Wien, Varna and Zilina.

For express, InterCity and TLK trains you can book your tickets on-line at:

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