Eye on Krakow: Outsourcing in Krakow gone mad? Even the Indians are coming...

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What IS going on?

Bangalore must currently be the world's official outsourcing centre... But for how much longer asks Juan King, Spanish exchange student, who writes exclusively in his CracowOnline.com weekly column “Eye on Krakow” of his experience of life in Poland?

Krakow's market-share of the ever-expanding outsourcing industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. Whilst IBM, Philip Morris International, Cap Gemini and the other established outsourcing employers in Krakow expand their operations, bit-part players like Quorum are also seen to be entering the market. At long last, the calibre of Krakow's graduates seems to be fighting off all other competition.

Outsourcing to Poland by US and Western European companies may be expected but the latest players planning to enter the Krakow outsourcing set-up may raise a few eyebrows. Indian firm HCL have been prowling the office buildings of Krakow since before Christmas looking for a location for a 250 seater center in Krakow in order to provide IT/BPO services.

Outsourcing employees in Krakow have expressed surprise that there may be another potential employer to send their CVs too. 'Frankly, I'm very disappointed,' moaned local Krakow graduate, Kamila Patel.  'I fear Krakow may be invaded and over-run by Indian and other foreign companies before we're even aware of what's happened.'

'It's one hell of a merry-go-round already' piped up Pawel Gintowt-Piotrkowski. 'I have just completed what we call the Pepsi Max challenge - I managed to work for each of IBM, Cap Gemini, Hewitts and IP within one calendar year - getting a pay-rise each time! All of the jobs were very boring though,' he added.

Local Krakow council authorities, initially delighted with the influx of foreign investment into the city, have recently changed their tune. News that the old cellars beneath the Rynek are to be turned into A-class office space to satisfy the insatiable demand of one of the larger BPO companies has gone down with Krakow Gmina like a lead balloon.

The last straw, it appears, were vociferous calls by the same (unnamed) BPO provider for the suppression of the 'hejnal' bugle-call played on the hour every hour since aeons from the tower of the Mariacki church lest 'the noise might disturb our employees.' Wawrzniec Nierobisz, a spokesman for Krakow Town Hall has refused to comment.

Only time will tell if Krakow and the outsourcing world can comfortably co-exist.

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