Krakow best for Polish holiday homes

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Krakow, the former capital of Poland, attracts around seven million tourists each year, making it an attractive prospect for property investors. The Polish holiday lettings market is strong as more tourists flock to the historic city of Krakow on the river Vistula.

With budget airlines like easyJet now offering discounted flights to the city, the market has opened up considerably.

Amberlamb, the independent property publication, explains that prices in the city went up by around 58 per cent over last year. Some properties around the main square have seen massive 100 per cent gains in their value over the same period.

Rhiannon Williamson, Amberlamb director, said: "The wider world woke up to the fact that Krakow is a stunning and historically amazing city with a fantastic social scene that makes for a great weekend getaway or an even longer holiday stop off in Poland."  She also recommended ski and beach resorts as potential new earners for investors keen to let their property abroad.

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