The first private railway station in Krakow

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Regional and intercity trains on their route to Krakow, Southern Poland, are now making a stop at a new railway station - Krakow Business Park. The station was designed and built by the investor developing the business centre in Zabierzow, near Krakow.

According to the spokesman of PKP Regional Services 48 regional and 12 fast trains stop at the new station. It takes 10 minutes to cover the 11km disctance from KBP to Krakow main station.

The new station was built in cooperation between PKP and a private investor. Such partnerships are a part of our strategy of attracting new passengers.


The area of Kraków Business Park in Zabierzow is 14.4 ha. During the next 10 years some 120 thousand square meters of office space is to be built there. Today almost 1.3 thousand people are working in KBP. In 2007 the fuel concern Shell plans to establish its finance headquaters there.

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