A delight of opera and cherry soup

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Fanning herself, the plump Italian wearing a white pilgrim's scarf sat wearily down beside me. "Three days on a bus from Rome," she said. "What do I find? Italian marble, Italian churches, piazzas - it's just like home!"
With the graceful tiers of the Wawel castle rising above us like a Florentine palazzo against a clear hot sky it was easy to see what she meant. But my footsore pilgrim might have done a little homework before embarking on her lengthy pilgrimage.
Since the 1500s, Polish monarchs, most of whom are buried in the crypts of the massive Gothic cathedral on the other side of the square, had spared no expense to hire the best contemporary architects.
These came, not surprisingly, from Italy and now Krakow has some of the finest Renaissance architecture still surviving in Europe.
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