Various routes of sightseeing - the new Krakow campaign

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“Krakow, various routes of sightseeing” is the motto of a new campaign launched to attract tourists to the historic city in southern Poland. 400 billboards will be put up in nine major Polish cities , spots shown on TV , and advertisements placed in papers aiming to bring as many tourists to Krakow as possible.

Krakow is presented as place abounding in attractions, it is full of historical places and picturesque spots.

The TV spot advertising Krakow is to be shown on Polish TV but also on Discovery Channel, Hallmark, National Geographic and MTV. The campaign oil to last until November 15th. According to estimates of the city’s authorities Krakow was visited by over 7 million tourists in 2005, this year the number is bigger by some 20%.

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Source: Radio Polonia

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